Avalon Primary School Partnership

Avalon Primary School is our next door neighbour and we strive to be very good neighbours!

We are developing a relationship with Avalon Primary School whereby parishioners from our church assist the school with:

  • Garden Teams On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons two teams of helpers from Holy Trinity Avalon Church work with students to care for the school vegetable gardens. We are teaching children vegetable gardening skills which will enable sustainable living, and introducing them to nutritious vegetables. Vegetable produce is eaten on site by the students or taken home to their families to be cooked and eaten.
  • Reading Support We provide reading assistants who sit down with individual children to help them with their reading, allowing them to increase their reading mileage.

Most of our helpers are retired people who enjoy the interaction with the students, where inter-generational relationships of trust are built and role-modelling can take place.

We desire to build bridges between our church and our community. We seek to bless our community through working in partnership with our local school, providing help in the areas they require.

Thank you to Principal Dirk and his staff for enabling us to serve in their school.

Stephen Oatley is the parishioner in charge of liaison with Avalon Primary School.