Ministry Team

The details of those involved in our ministries:

Vicar:    Rev. Andrew Barlow   ~ Ph: 04 567 7721 ~  Cell: 027636 8406  ~ Email: ~

Parish Chaplain:    Mary Woollaston-Prince

Vicar’s Warden:    Ron Prince

People’s Warden:    Mary Houston

Parish Recorder:    Linda Dear

Music Team:    Peter van der Raaij

Preaching Team:    Andrew Barlow, Michelle van der Raaij, Peter van der Raaij, Mary Houston

Pastoral Care Coordinator:    Mary Woollaston-Prince

Practical Care Coordinator:    Judith Dicken

Women’s Fellowship (AAW):    Margaret Oxnam

Men’s Group:    Ron Prince

Theology and Cheese small group:    Peter van der Raaij

Women’s small group:    Mary Woollaston-Prince

Koru Group:    Stephen Oatley

Hall Bookings:    Marion Carton

Schools Liaison:    Stephen Oatley

Garage Sales:    Brian Robinson, Jan Berridge, Sheila Heath