The Order of St Luke the Physician

A healing order of the Church

A number of our congregants at Holy Trinity Avalon Church are members of The Order of St Luke the Physician. This order is involved in encouraging the Christian healing ministry within the local church.

Monthly meetings of the local Hutt Valley chapter are held in our parish lounge one evening each month.


Preamble of the Order:

The New Testament reveals that healing is an essential part of the teaching and practice of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that he commissions his followers to preach the gospel of the kingdom and to heal the sick.

The Order of St Luke the Physician comprises clergy and laity of the Christian church who believe that the Holy Scriptures set forth healing as a continuing and essential part of the ministry committed to the church by Jesus Christ. Members of the Order are called to make the ministry of healing a regular part of their Christian life.

We affirm that:

  1. the foundation of belief and practice in the Order is the doctrine of the Trinity;
  2. God’s intention for his creation is perfect;
  3. sin is the root cause of all disharmony within people, between people and in the universe;
  4. the perfect will of God is complete redemption from sin, sickness and all consequences of the fall;
  5. the basis of this redemption, including healing, is that reconciliation with the Father accomplished by Jesus Christ once for all on the cross;
  6. the Holy Spirit makes personally effective what the risen, ascended and everliving Christ has accomplished;
  7. faith in Jesus Christ is the only means whereby this redemption is appropriated;
  8. wholeness of spirit, soul and body rather than physical healing alone is the goal of the Order;
  9. this wholeness usually involves co-operation between members of the church and members of the medical and paramedicai professions;
  10. the Order is committed to supporting or initiating such cooperation.